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            "The dominant, traditional, western notation is only one aspect among many forms of expression in the field. We are interested in unconventional notational formats and graphic scores, as these represent visions of sound shapes that are open to diverse, idiosyncratic ways of interpreting and working. Works in which improvisation, composition, interpretation, performance and sound art merge require relevant modes of representation.In this first edition of Graphème artists Tomomi Adachi, Lotte Anker, Tony Buck & Lloyd Swanton, Marina Cyrino, Tina Douglas, Mazen Kerbaj, Magda Mayas, Phill Niblock, Jon Rose, Ute Wassermann and Nate Wooley work with photography, drawing, graphics, mixed media and object scores, finding ways to notate and share personal techniques and sonic elements. We intend to offer a much needed alternative to most current modes of publishing in a practical, accessible and approachable way.In addition to the publication of Graphème, smallest functional unit plan to present concerts, symposia and a festival within which composers will be given the opportunity to reflect and discuss their work." --- smallest functional unit was founded in 2020 by Tony Buck, Mazen Kerbaj, Magda Mayas, Ute Wassermann and Racha Gharbieh with the aim of performing and publishing unconventional, hybrid notational formats and graphic scores by international composers. The publication will appear as Graphème, a series with a thematic focus

            smallest functional unit – Graphème - a publication for experimental musical scores (issue 1)

            New Events

            Wednesday 31 August 2022

            Cherche Encore showcase with Alero, digital selves + Joana Chicau, eye measure, Meanders and Sleepsang + Phoneutrian

            £10 £8 Advance £6 MEMBERS

            Sunday 11 September 2022

            FLEA presents:

            Jeff Witscher & Jack Callahan

            £12 £10 Advance £6 MEMBERS

            Wednesday 21 September 2022

            Bird on the Wire:

            Poppy Ackroyd - Day Two

            £20 £18 (SEE Tickets)

            Thursday 17 November 2022

            Show + live stream:

            Robyn's Rocket @ EFG Jazz Festival 2022

            £10 £8 (external link) £3 (external link)

            Coming up

            Thursday 16 June 2022

            Jung An Tagen & Cam Deas

            £14 £12 Advance £7 MEMBERS

            Friday 17 June 2022

            IN HOUSE IV

            £6 £5 Advance FREE FOR MEMBERS

            Saturday 18 June 2022

            Stray Dog 2 Launch

            Free Event

            Sunday 19 June 2022

            MATINEE: Dominic Coles + Li Song / Mengting Zhuo + Edwin Prévost (solo)

            £10 สล็อตออนไลน์ ฟรีเครดิต ตู้บุญเติม FREE FOR MEMBERS